Student Resources

Welcome to the Student Resources page. This page will help you locate useful information to further your education and career opportunities in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

Find an Internship. Part of your education needs to include real-world experience in homeland security and emergency preparedness. There's an internship out there that's right for you! Check out this page for the latest opportunities and information.

Locate a college program in Homeland Security. Lots of colleges and universities in the region (and beyond) offer programs in homeland security. Find one that fits you.

See what scholarships are available. Paying for college is always a challenge. This page offers resources and links to scholarships and financial aid opportunities in the area of homeland security and emergency preparedness.

Read about the latest issues and controversies in Homeland Security and emergency preparedness. Homeland Security is in the news every day! And there are many high quality journals and periodicals that address topics in homeland security and will challenge your thinking. Find out what people are writing now about your area of interest.

And everything else. Additional resources to help you get the most out of your homeland security and emergency preparedness education.